The Lunar Chronicles Novel book 4 – Reviews

My Thoughts?  3.5!


Book : The Luna Chronicles Book 4

Author : Marissa Meyer



Why just 3.5? I’m just gonna DIVE STRAIGHT to the point.

I couldn’t count how many times this book frustrated me. I do love action scenes and the “dying before victory” kinda plot every now and then in books. But somehow “Winter” just brought it to a whole new other level of frustration, IMO. I was frustrated every time the protagonists never had a chance to be “one step ahead” in this war. Like in every move they do, in every turn they make, Queen Levana is not always a step ahead of them, well sometimes she is, but even if she isn’t and she’s just “surprised attacked”, but she has the ability to overcome them in an INSTANT! I repeat, in an INSTANT! I truly despise the MIND CONTROL thing. MANIPULATION/COMPULSION sucks! Ironically, I’m not that irked by it in The Originals/TVD…

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